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Australian Distributor of COBOD Printers

Laying the foundation for a new construction paradigm.

Fortex is the exclusive Australian distributor of COBOD 3D construction printers—the leading 3D robotics and automation solution that’s reimagining efficiency, resiliency, design and sustainability within the global construction industry.

house being built by 3D printer


COBOD printers use 3D technology to challenge conventional construction methods in both residential and commercial applications. This tech-driven approach allows operators to address acute industry issues, including scarcity of skilled labour and materials, increasing delays, and supply chain disruptions.

COBOD printers are at the forefront of 3D construction globally, with benchmark projects across six continents

house built by a 3D printer in Australia

Introducing Fortex

As Australia’s exclusive COBOD distributor, we aim to lead the conversation and democratise 3D construction in our market. This means improving outcomes for both operators and the end consumer by providing products that challenge the modus operandi to improve construction efficiency and sustainability.

At Fortex, we know that 3D printing and automation plays a big role in the solution, and we want to make this world-class technology accessible to all.

COBOD in action

COBOD utilises an innovative modular design that’s evolved from years of research and delivering products to a global market. Whether it’s a multi-storey building or a wind turbine tower, all COBOD products are engineered to complete a variety of jobs with speed, stability and durability.
COBOD 3D construction printer config

Our Key Propositions

Our vision for COBOD 3D construction in Australia can be summarised through the technology’s key propositions:


3D construction printing is efficient, requires minimal labour & supports supply chain security


3D printers use sustainable materials, and less of them, minimising waste while optimising the building’s longevity


Homes built with 3D technology can be more resistant to Australia’s increasing climate threats, such as flood, fires & rising temperatures

Freedom of Design

Design-led building should be accessible to all

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